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Friday, October 28, 2005

Morning folks. Up until a few short weeks ago I would start my day off by answering the previous day's comments, singularly, in the comment box/window. Perhaps I should go back to that, because I want the new readers/commenters to know how much I appreciate them, along with my regular "posse". I like to think that I do this blogging thingy for my enjoyment, and while that is true, it's your participation that makes it enjoyable.

A case in point is this lady, who says she was sent here to give me a spanking. I realized that her remark was extremely tongue-in-cheek and also realized I could have some fun with it. By the way, Poopie, I'm familiar with your town having picked up loads there, so be careful. I might have to send out my crack investigative team to see if spanking is the only Birthday service you offer. Kidding aside, you guys should check out her site. Fun stuff, well written!

Another person I want to get to know is this fellow. I've been told, and can sense, that he is an intelligent guy and Lord knows I can stand some teaching. Living in Pakistan, as he does, enables him to show us things from a different perspective.

There are others to acknowledge but I don't want to cause "link-fatigue". Be assured that every visitor/commenter is appreciated. New or old, I consider all of you my buds.

Being a news junkie, with all that's going on this morning re: indictments etc. I'm having trouble concentrating, so let's do the words now and I'll be back later today. Remember, multi-tasking to me means chewing AND swallowing, so I'm kinda lost.

WWOTD: Yesterday...Circumbilivagination.......Going around in circles.
WOTD: Yesterday...Galactophagist....Milk drinker
..............Today...Ana...(think divvying up the loot)

QOTD: The person you are living with is a slob.

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