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Monday, February 13, 2006

Morning folks. Don't know what's causing it, but this is the mood I'm in lately. So before I scare you off, or wear out my welcome, I think I'll take a break from regular posting and just put something up when I want to instead of feeling that I have to. I realize that last part does'nt make sense, but because you guys have been so good to me I felt I had to show up with something, which of course is silly.

I don't ever want to lose contact with many of you, and I won't, but something happened yesterday that made me realize I've got to get my poop together. I've been feeling bad about not visiting a lot of you on your pages, but a comment left by Jude showed how bad it's getting. She has been a loyal, and good, friend that deserves better, as do many of you.

She had posted some pictures, including one where I was mentioned and I had'nt even seen it until she pointed it out. I feel ashamed. That is not how friends behave. I singled her out simply because that was the proof that I've been neglecting a lot of you. No more.

I could whine a bit about not feeling the best, but the fact is we've all got our Timmys and Missys. As soon as Boop is finished with her treatments (2 weeks) I'm outa here. Besides visiting my bud up North, I'm going to travel a bit and make sure my health is good enough before I buy a motor-home and really travel. Laying on the bed of a fancy RV at the back of a parking lot somewhere does'nt make any sense.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine, but I've got to get out of this rut I'm in. I feel fortunate that I can do these things, because not everybody can just pick up and go. Who knows, maybe I'll go down to Lost Wages and cavort with the show-girls. Yeah right!

I'm not going to get all mooshy because you guys know I appreciate the support, and encouragement, you give me. I'll put something up once in a while and let you know how things are, and of course I'll answer any comments or e-mail. Take care of yourselves, you're each and every one good people.

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