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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Morning folks. Seems like Blogger is still sorting out a few glitches, because the post I laboriously typed out a bit ago, using the time-honored one-fingered hunt and peck method, has gone on to it's just reward. No biggie, it was nothing but my usual nattering. Since this service is free, I really don't have any complaints, but I would'nt mind a nominal fee if it would help make things a little more consistent. I know, sacrilege!

Some good has come out of this, for me at least. Saturday's Chuckles went missing after being up for a day, and I'll be darned if in all my playing around in here, I did'nt find it and put it back up. The comments on that one did'nt come back with it, but again, no biggie.

Everything's fine around here, although after the response to yesterday afternoon's post I'm wondering if I have another "calling". While I absolutely enjoyed my life as a trucker, it seems a new opportunity awaits me. In response to Jude's comment about an equivalent women's clothing store to Sacstroker for men, I think the name Bob's Boob Boutique has a nice "feel" to it. No matter the size, we'll "squeeze" you into something. Coming soon!

Well, time to shower, dress, and go get Boop. If this one disappears like the last one I suppose it's no great loss. See ya later today.

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