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Monday, February 06, 2006

Morning folks. Not much happening around here today, sort of the same ol', same ol'. Was going to comment on the big game yesterday, but a whole bunch of GRRRs and ARGHs would be even more inane than the usual offerings. Although hopeful, I did'nt really expect the Seahawks to win, but I also did'nt expect that a couple of questionable calls would so completely throw them off that they took themselves out of the game.

There is one thing that, while not "happening", is causing me a bit of concern. One of my buds up North has been diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. Of course we all know the prognosis, and it is truly sad to learn that a man that was almost invincible cannot pick up the phone, let alone dress himself. So, as soon as I finish helping Booper get through her ordeal I'm going up there and spend some time with him. Take him out to the shop, put a fire on in the wood-stove, and sit talking, and hopefully laughing, about old times. One of my other buds up there has warned me how bad it is, so I'm ready, but still it's going to be tough.

Thankfully my family is doing well, because lately I'm almost afraid to pop my head up, not knowing where the next shot is coming from. I think that because I was blessed with good health most of my life, I'm just not well-equipped to deal with things like this, but I'm learning.

See ya later today, and I promise I'll be a lot more up-beat. Simply had to mention that stuff and get it out of my mind.

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