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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Morning folks. Kind of got caught by surprise today. With all the problems Blogger was having yesterday with losing posts, inability to put images up, etc., I thought (hoped) it would be the same this morning and I could join L'il Bear for a snooze. All seems to be normal again, so I guess it's natter time.

Things are fine around here, especially for Booper. She's officially half-way through her radiation treatments. 15 down, 15 to go. I've met some tough people in my life, especially the ones that managed to kick my butt, but this woman wrote the book on tough. Never a complaint, even when I can tell how hard it is on her. At the risk of getting booed off the stage by the males in the audience, I've always felt that women had more inner strength than men.

Unbelievably, it's still raining here, in fact the last few days have been even worse. High winds, power outages, cancelled ferry crossings, etc etc. The usual terms don't really do justice to this record-setting season, so we've come up with a new five-point rating system:

Light Monsoon
Heavy drench
Grow Gills!

If I can make it through all the pre-game hype, all 5 gazillion hours of it, I plan on watching the Super Bowl game today. I've been a Seahawks fan for a long time, and am proud of them for getting this far, but I'm nervous. The Steelers are on a roll, and are going to be tough to beat.

Enjoy your day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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