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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Morning folks. I've debated with myself whether or not to mention this today, but since I brought up the subject of blood test results yesterday, I hope it is taken not as a ploy to gain sympathy, but simply following up what I started. Besides, I truly don't want, or need any sympathy, because I'm doing fine. I could of course be better, but I also could be so much worse.

The test results are not good, in fact, they are bad. By cutting my dosage in an effort to try and make me feel a bit better, the specialist has set me back two years. I must stress that I don't blame him in the least, it was something that had to be tried. This tumor is so aggressive that cutting the dosage by 25% has caused the prolactin count to increase by 94%. Simply put, at that rate it would'nt be long until it would be lights out.

A brief history. A person's prolactin count should be between 3 and 15, making 9 the norm. When I finally went to the doctor, after putting up with the pain and fatigue for years, my count was 1754! You read it right. One thousand-seven-hundred and fifty-four. After 3 1/2 years of battling I had the count down to 52.4, and with one little dosage change it has jumped up to 101.7. Kind of took the wind out of my sails.

So this morning I'll contact the doctor and get the dosage officially bumped back up, and start over. POOP! No wonder I've been feeling rotten lately. Now you know a little of why I goof around so much here, it's simply a coping mechanism, and you guys help with that immensely.

The next little while will be spent helping Boop through her radiation treatments, get Timmy back on the right path, and hopefully by then I can buy a Cookie Monster and make that trip I've dreamed about. It will get done, because I did'nt come this far to lay down. And that's a big 10-4!

Sorry for the downer tone of the post, but as you've come to realize, I'm open and honest about everything. Can't live any other way. Remember, don't cry for me Argentina, but get ready for more goofing around and teasing. Lot's more!

Now, while I think of who I can offend today, you guys go out and make me proud of you. So far you've been doing great, so stay with it.

Oh, I forgot, thanks to Jude I've got another problem. When I gave Boop a hug as she asked me to do, Boop started making "sounds". The last time I heard those sounds we had three children in three years. YIKES! I'd better get things done in a hurry, and get out of Dodge. I'm doomed!

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