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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Morning folks. You know, for a guy that has kicked around as much as I have, I'm awfully naive sometimes. Because my personal world is not messed up, I skip merrily along not realizing, sometimes, that not everyone thinks as I do. The fact is, sadly, that there are a lot of weird people out there, and one has to be careful.

What brings this up is a conversation I had with my son last night. While he understands, and appreciates, my pride in him and his family, he has asked that I not put any more pictures up, especially those of little Bobby. How sad that we live in such a world. He's right of course, it's just me and my naivete'.

He did say that if I wanted to share any of the pictures, and there are some great ones, with people I trust to go ahead, just not on the web page. So if any of the people I know as friends would like to see them, I'd be glad to send a few to you.

I suppose I'm going to have to re-think how I do things here, which is truly sad, because I love sharing. I did take a picture of Booper yesterday, and have it here in the computer, but now I'm having second thoughts. I'll chat with her about things today and then decide what to do.

What a double-edged sword. We have this wonderful thing called the internet that allows access to so many, yet we have to be so careful how we use it. I suppose that in this, and other ways, progress is not necessarily always good.

I guess I'm a day older and a lot smarter, and sadder. Oh well. Don't let me bum you out, go out and have a good day.

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