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Monday, January 23, 2006

Before I get to this afternoon's post, I'm so happy to be able to tell you that I have, in my possession, one year's supply of my tumor medication!!! Now to the frivolity:

With the rising fuel prices a major concern to me, I thought that I would have to keep scaling back on my expectations to the point of not finding a suitable unit. Then, like manna from heaven, I found this beauty. Not only does it fit my budget, but it has features that I was'nt sure I could afford.

Things like a carport, a back porch with a doghouse for L'il Bear, an antenna for wireless blogging, the list goes on. While it does'nt have a washer/dryer, it does have a galvanized washtub that, after doing my laundry, instead of wasting the water, I can wash the dog.

For recreation, you'll notice it comes with a tennis racket, not to mention a hubcap to play Frisbee with L'il Bear.

I've made an offer, which was accepted, on one condition. Apparently there are 4 extended family members that come with it, but I'm holding out for just the banjo player. Deliverance of the unit is optional. Stay tuned.

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