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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Morning folks. Since I've already mentioned how impressed I am with the g-man's site, especially one of the many features there, I might as well finish the sucking-up process by urging you guys to check it out.

When you go there, the site will open to a great picture of his, and along the bottom are 11 options to click open to start your visit. Do yourself a favor and look at all of them, because anyone that does that much great work on a page has earned an audience.

One of the features I love, and want to do here, is his Link Page. Providing a short description of a site is light years ahead of simply putting a word on a blogroll. By him doing the work, you can pick and choose which sites to look at according to your tastes.

Don't get me started on his Photography page. Also his...aww what the heck, it's all great!

The above endorsement was provided by the Help The Ol' Dude Spruce Up His Page Committee.

On the home front things are fine, sort of. Still no decision on having my meds covered. Grrr! On Monday I was treated so well by the fellow at the Cancer Agency Pharmacy, but yesterday I had to deal with a different person, and it was so hard not to reach out and "touch" someone. Don't accuse me of being prejudiced, but being told by a Chinese woman, who could barely speak English, not to keep bothering them, is a bit much for me to handle. So today when I take Booper in I think I'll try to go up the ladder a couple of rungs.

I talked to Vickie last night, and she's back home. I'll let her tell you how things went, but I will say that she needs your support. Especially those with their own issues, because like me, we all have our own Timmys and Missys.

Because of Booper's varied appointment times I won't get to check out the latest candidate for Cookie Monster until tomorrow. Also did'nt get my shot or have my physical yesterday because I pulled a muscle (not that one!) in my leg, but that's another story.

Take care of yourselves. Probably see ya later today.

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