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Monday, January 16, 2006

Morning folks. While I did take a day off from posting yesterday, I used my time well. Being a trucker I'm far more concerned about the mechanical part of a vehicle than the glitz and glamor, bling, if you will. So, thinking it would be quiet around the RV dealer's first thing Sunday morning, I went over there and sure enough there was only one salesman on duty and he told me to go ahead and look it over and if I needed anything to come and get him.

Pulled my car around by the Cookie Monster, put my cover-alls on, a few tools, a flashlight, and under I went. Within 30 minutes I had seen all I needed to see. Been a long time since I've seen that much neglect. I won't make your eyes glaze over with the technical stuff, but I would'nt buy that thing at half the price. The oil on the dipstick, besides being way below the add mark, was so black and thick it would hardly run off the stick. The oil on the transmission stick was burnt almost to varnish. Those two items alone are worth $50,000, new, or about $25,000 to rebuild. Not to mention every hose and belt, and there are many, needed replacing.

As to how the engine sounded, I'll never know. It would'nt start because the batteries (4) were completely dead from the corroded cables. I had made arrangements to get a computer print-out and dyno check on the engine at a cost of $450 to me. They were'nt too fussy about that and now I know why. With a unit like this you absolutely have to know what you're buying or you'll get burnt bad. Someone is going to be looking at some major repair bills, and quite possibly a tow bill, if it is not looked after now. I know one thing, it won't be me!

Too many people buy units like this for the way they look. If that engine has a calf on the Alaska Highway, that fancy washer/dryer is not going to do you much good. Such a shame really, it's a well-equipped, quality motor-home, that has simply been neglected. There will definitely be a Cookie Monster, just not this unit. In fact I'll be on the phone at 9 am for one I found here on the internet. It's only about 35 minutes away, so I'll probably look at it tomorrow, since I don't take Booper for her radiation until 2:30 pm. Here is a picture of it:

This should click/enlarge. To tell the truth I like the looks of this one better, let's hope it passes the cover-alls test. I won't go into price etc. until I check it out. Bear with me folks, I'll find the right one!

I'll be back later today with something for you ladies that take great delight in teasing me. Don't go scurrying off, we all know who you are. Don't make me name names. (Insert monster smiley here!)

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