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Friday, January 13, 2006

Morning folks. What a treat to be able to have a few positive things to talk about instead of the usual health-related issues. They are what they are, but can't be allowed to control my life.

I took steps yesterday to have my Class 1 licence re-instated. Went to the Motor Vehicle Branch and was given a form to take to the doctor. Give him $120 (rip-off) to fill it out, bring it back to them, and bada-bing, bada-boom. I don't intend to go back trucking, but it will feel right to have it back. The only reason I surrendered it in the first place was because I was taking pain-killers, but since I don't take them anymore, it's time to get it back.

Next up is some news that is almost like winning the lottery. I heard from the specialist, and he tells me that the Cancer Agency has all my forms and that he is sure they are going to cover my medication for the tumor. I talked with them and was told that a decision would be made soon, but that they did'nt see any problem. Whew! $14,600 a year, for 10 years (I hope), you do the math. What a relief! I know it's not set in stone yet, but I'm optimistic.

Now for the fun part. I think I may have found my Cookie Monster. I spent some time looking at it yesterday, talked to my bud Ralphy about it last night, and am going to make an offer of 75K for it today. Ralphy says that if I get it for that I did'nt buy it, I stole it. It's a '96 Holiday Rambler, which is a very high-end unit. The quality in this thing is something else. Things like solid wood cabinets/closets, washer/dryer, aww, there's too much to list here. It's a 37-footer, very low mileage, exceptionally clean, etc. etc. I have a copy of all the maintenance records since new. For the guys, it has a 300HP Cummins with Jake Brakes, 6-speed electronic shift Allison automatic transmission, 7.5KW generator, full air suspension, etc etc. Here are a couple of pictures, with more to come if my offer is accepted.

These should click open. Be still my heart!

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