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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Morning folks. Since Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, I thought I'd find a picture that would fit the occasion. So, from now on, li'l Bear will be my Sunday image, just as the laughers and chortlers are of my Saturday Chuckles. Also, since I'm going off on a 2-3 year motor-home dream trip to escape the stress that seems to be filling my life lately, the little guy is going to be my mascot. I mean, this boy can seriously relax! Oh, did I mention he really likes...COOKIES?

I thought about using this fellow but realized he'd be of more use to me as a foot-warmer. Yes, this is a real dog.

While I'm sure the dogs will get along fine with each other, I decided to bring along a kitten so that they can all GROW together.

Damn, this is SHAPING UP to be a helluva trip! Don't mind me folks, I'm just goofing around, and enjoying every minute of it. If anyone is offended, what can I say, the devil made me do it.

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