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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Morning folks. On behalf of Christopher I'd like to thank you for the compliments yesterday. Although I could'nt see it, I could sense the blushing smile from his voice. When I told him of the fun I've been having with the ladies, the Cookie Monster, etc., he asked if I needed a co-driver. Down boy, down, it's Grandpa's turn!

Other than providing a link on my blogroll, there was a time when I would single out a site and urge people to visit them. As is usual with me I sometimes went overboard with the praise as later events proved. Being a somewhat idealistic person it hurt a bit to realize that things are not always what I perceive them, or want them, to be. Eventually I just stopped doing it. Today I'm going to relent, for a couple of reasons.

First I'd like you to go over to Big Dave's and look at the great post/exercise he has put up about finding yourself in blogland. This took a lot of thought and time on his part, and deserves to be seen. Dave is a friend of this page, that I appreciate. Please believe me, the fact I am mentioned has nothing to do with this, it is just a neat exercise.

Secondly, I'd like you to stop by Tracy's and let her know that she has friends that care. I'll let her post tell you of the situation, but when you read it you'll feel her sorrow. Tracy is a genuine friend of this page, and it hurts me to see her hurting.

Have a decent day guys, and for the masochists, I'll be back later.

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