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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Morning folks. I had a ton o' things to natter about today, but have decided to just pop in and tell you that everything is fine with me and mine. I want to give those things their proper due, so I'll work on them a bit, save them in Draft, and post when ready.

The fact is a lot of things are happening on here that please me to no end, and a few things that, excuse my French, piss me off! In the latter category, Hoss was robbed. Screwed, blued, and tattoed! He is a master in his genre. Another example of not being part of the "in" crowd, is Brian. Nuff said for now. Oops, sorry, I'm referring to the BoB awards. To be sure there will be those that disagree with me, but keep in mind that this is my page, and as long as it is in reasonably good taste, I can voice any opinion I have.

The other things are all good, in fact very good. It took me a while to find my "niche", if you will, but this pattern I seem to have fallen into of putting up what I call a "text post" in the morning, and goof around with a picture post in the afternoon is working for me. The good-natured teasing via comments is a pleasure for me. Like most people, I had to be serious most of my life, but now it's fun time.

You'd better make sure your site is all spiffed up g-man, because you're about to get a glowing endorsement. People will be urged, in no uncertain terms (as in grievous bodily injury for failure to do so) to visit, because, frankly, you're good.

On a side note, I just talked to Vickie. She is on her way to see the neurologist in Augusta, and if anything happens to keep her there she'll let me know, and I'll pass it on here. Wish her well folks, she's not having a good time.

Guess that's enough nattering to qualify as a post. Booper's radiation treatment went well yesterday, and I'll be taking her in earlier for today's. Be nice if it was the same time each day. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get an answer from the Pharmacy there today on my medication, because frankly, the suspense, and expense, is killing me. If I have time when we get back I'll go for another "shot", and while there have my physical for my Class 1 licence.

Might see ya later today, if not, in the morning.

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