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Friday, January 20, 2006

Morning folks. So how are things up at your end of the melon patch? I hope you're dryer than I am, because we're back into the monsoons again. After 27 straight days of rain we got a 5 second break (it seemed), and back into it. Good night nurse! Coming back from the Cancer Clinic last night with Boop you could'nt see the lines on the road, the wipers could'nt keep up, and I'm positive everyone out there was drunk, the way they were driving.

It seems we just got back, and guess what, I've got to take her back in, in two hours. Yep, still raining. I told her that after 6 weeks of this I'm going to file for a divorce. Ever the sharp one, she pointed out that we've been divorced for 18 years. Drat! I'll have to come up with something, I know what, I'll "cut her off". Wait, that's already happened. Damn, I'm doomed!

While in there last night I did get to talk with a fellow at the Pharmacy about my situation. He apologized for the way I was talked to on Tuesday, assured me that would never happen again, but alas, still no decision. Without saying so, he hinted that the delay lies with the specialist not providing all of the many needed forms. Meanwhile, I've got to cough up another $685.00.

The look-see at the Ambassador yesterday went well. Because of the weather I did'nt do the coveralls test, but I don't believe there are any negatives. These fellows were much more open to deal with, in fact we got along great. Still, I've got to get the meds, and the fuel cost thingys settled in my mind before I get much more serious. I shopped around for a place to store it and the cheapest for a decent spot was $150/month, plus insurance. The beat goes on!

On Monday I posted a picture of the Perfect Male....Horny, but Sensitive. After much research I've found a picture of the Perfect Female, and will post it this afternoon. Once again, with the help of my crack investigative team, I'm able to show how seriously I take my work here.

Now, go forth, and if you can, multiply. Or practice!

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