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Friday, January 27, 2006

Morning folks, or Happy TGIF day to those of you still working for da man, although lately the 5 day work-week is almost a thing of the past. Nowadays both parents are having to work whenever they can just to make ends meet, which I don't think is doing our society any good. Still, compared to my present lot in life, I wish I was still out there. I was reasonably good at some things, but I don't do retirement well.

Booper has a day off from her radiation treatments today, thankfully. She won't admit it, but they're starting to affect her. Coming home yesterday in the car, even though I had the temperature way too warm for me, she covered herself with a blanket. When I dropped her off and she gave me a little thank-you peck on the cheek, her skin felt cold and clammy. She's not one to sit still, but I asked her to stay at home, in fact I call every hour or so just to make sure she does. Damn, she still has 20 more treatments.

We finally had our big election this week, with mixed results. We finally got rid of an arrogant, and sometimes corrupt government, but with the new bunch being a minority government it's still unsettled. One columnist in the paper had it about right when he wrote that Stephen Harper, our new Prime Minister, has been given a length of rope and it is now up to him to either hang himself with it, or round up some support for his programs. There has been a lot of talk in the US media about him being friendly to you-know-who. I can say this with certainty, if he makes a step towards the Bush insanity, he'll be walking alone! Let's get our own house in order before anything.

Hope all of you have a decent week-end. If you get real bored, stop by and I'll try to find some chuckles for tomorrow, and maybe even, gasp!, nekkid pictures.

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