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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Morning folks. Being Saturday, it's time for a few chuckles:

A beautiful young woman, about to undergo a minor operation, is lying on a gurney in a hospital corridor awaiting the medical staff. A man in a white coat approaches her, lifts up the sheet, and visually examines her naked body. He walks away and confers with another man in a white coat. The second man then approaches the girl and performs the same examination. When a third man approaches her, she asks impatiently, "These examinations are fine, but when are you going to start the operation?" He shrugs and says, "Your guess is as good as mine, lady. We're just here to paint the halls."

A man and his wife are on a holiday and decide to buy themselves some pets. He buys a snake, and the woman gets a skunk. As they pass through airport control, they notice a sign: "No Animals Will Be Allowed Through Quarantine." Upset, the woman turns to her husband and asks what they should do. After pondering the problem, the man comes up with a plan. "What I'll do is tie the snake around my waist and pretend it's a snakeskin belt." "Yes," the woman replies, "but what about the skunk?" "I don't know," the man says, "hide it up your skirt." "But what about the smell?" the woman asks. "Look," says the husband, "if it dies, it dies!" (Sorry about that one, but it's just too funny!)

A farmer had three lovely daughters, all who had dates on Friday night. One by one the local boys came by to pick them up. The first boy arrived and said: "Hi, I'm Eddie, I'm here for Betty, we're going steady, is she ready?" The farmer called Betty and she and Eddie went on their way. The second boy arrived and said: "Hi, I'm Joe, I'm here for Flo, we're going to the show, is she ready to go?" The farmer called Flo and she and Joe went on their way. The third boy arrived in an old beat up pickup, came to the door and said: "Hi, I'm Chuck." The farmer shot him.

WWOTD....Yesterday..Addecimate....To tithe.
WOTD....Yesterday..Ana....In equal quantities.

See you tomorrow with a poem.

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