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Friday, November 04, 2005

Although there are times when our lives seem to fill with ominous clouds there is always some sunshine coming through. An example of this is your kind thoughts and well-wishes for Booper while she gets through this latest battle with cancer (see post below). She stopped by yesterday, and I must admit that she is handling it better than I am. I'm fairly good with some things, but seeing people hurting is not one of them. She sends her thanks. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

On my last site, Over The Road, I had a feature called Guest Writer Friday (GWF) whereby each week a post written by one of you guys would appear. It was a great way of meeting new bloggers and making new "friends". It went over quite well, judging by the responses, in fact well enough that I'm thinking of a similar thing with the Saturday Chuckles.

Everyone has a favorite joke or two, so why not share them with us? In fact take over my page on Saturday. Simply send me your post in an e-mail and I will post it verbatim on your day. If enough people participate I will set up a schedule and announce on the Friday before who the following day's contributor will be. Length and subject would be entirely your choice, although I would ask that they be kept generally "G"-rated. So I'm extending a blanket invitation to join in on what I think will be a fun thing.

While driving around the blogging community the other day I stopped at Ivy's and am recommending you do the same. Her posts are good enough that even if she wrote them on birch-bark I'd still visit, but her new template will blow your socks off. I know who did it for her but I'll let her tell you. I'm very comfortable with my page, so I don't linger there in case I get ideas. Hmmm! NOT!

Don't know whether you made it around to Hoss's yesterday, but damn he puts up good posts.

I've received the first reports back from my crack investigative team regarding the possible comeback of a certain someone. It's sounding as though it's going to happen, and sooner rather than later. As before I'll keep you informed but if what I'm hearing is true, it will be almost a metamorphosis for the person involved.

I'll clean up yesterday's words now, and pick them up again on Monday. It will be the usual week-end fare here, Saturday Chuckles and a poem on Sunday. Stop by if you can, otherwise I'll see you Monday.

WWOTD...Last one...Citharize.....To play the harp.
WOTD....Last one...Celeste....Sky blue.

Back later today. Happy TGIF.

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