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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Morning folks. Don't know what happened to the sunset at the top of the page but maybe just mentioning it will cause it to re-appear. Unlike the way I handled it when this sort of thing happened on other pages I've had, I'm not going to sweat it, because that just leads to frustration, or worse. Anyone smarter than I with this stuff, which means every single one of you, feel free to offer suggestions, please.

Read something interesting in the paper just now, at least I think it is. Facetiously is the only non-medical term to use all the vowels in alphabetical order. Of course with that knowledge and a dollar you still can't get a cup of coffee, but hey! it got me a few lines of filler, because I'm drilling a dry hole again today.

There are rumours that a certain someone that recently stepped back to introspectively consider different paths, or roads, that her life might follow, is making plans for a comeback. I'm going to put my crack investigative team to work on this and will keep you updated , but if what I've been able to learn so far is true it should be quite an event.

I've always been blessed with great readers/commenters, but lately you guys are giving me the warm fuzzies. Not sure I deserve the kind words but be assured they are so appreciated. One new person paid me such a compliment yesterday that I won't provide a link because it would seem self-serving, but thank you, I'll try to live up to it.

Still on commenters, go to yesterday's and read the great joke that Big Dave left. It is said that music hath charms to soothe the savage beast (breast), well you guys are the music that has soothed this hard-assed ol' dude. I often sit here and marvel at the changes in me, thanks to you guys.

Okay, enough of that wussy stuff (but I do mean it), to the words:

WWOTD...Yesterday...Blateration...Chatter, Babbling.
WOTD...Yesterday...Rumchunder...Fine silk
...............Today...Celeste (think clear day)

QOTD....Your neighbor's dog barks constantly all night.

Off to let my alter-ego do a little Bush-Whackin' on other sites. See you later today.

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