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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Morning folks. Hope the little ones enjoyed themselves last night, although I'm not sure it's just them that get into the spirit. Right, Goob? I think it's neat when the parents can get involved with their children in things like this. Because I was on the road so much I missed out on too many things of this nature, and I regret it. Don't even get me started on the missed birthdays, school events, anniversaries(sp?) etc. etc. It's fine to think I did what I had to to keep the family unit safe and secure, but still it bothers me in retrospect. Whoa! big fella, quit beating on yourself. Besides I would have probably eaten all their candy, because I do have a sweet tooth, one of the few of my own that I have left.

Speaking of teeth, I'm paying the price now for not wearing my partial plates all the time over the years. Because I'm a "gagger" I just did'nt like wearing them, now they don't fit properly. So it looks like getting the rest of my own removed and fitting a pair of "store-bought" chompers. Oh joy! Not to mention the $15,000 the dentist wants. If I was sure Timmy was'nt going to put me down it would not be a problem, otherwise I would sooner see it go to my grand-children than some already rich dentist. Funny thing here in Canada, seniors are very well looked after as to health care, prescriptions etc., but with dental you're on your own. Does'nt make sense to me, is'nt dental health part of overall health care?

God I'm on the whine today! Lets quit that nonsense and go to Plan B, the words du jour.

WOTD...Rumchunder...(think PJs)
QOTD....You are a guest in someone's home and clog up the toilet.

Back later today, hopefully in a better mood.

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