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Monday, October 31, 2005

Morning folks. I've had so many new readers and commenters stop by lately that I welcome the chance to use Halloween as an excuse to take some time to put together a proper acknowledgement of them. So today we'll suspend normal business and wish the little ones a happy and safe time tonight while making their rounds. Also gives me the chance to tell a funny story (to me at least) of something that happened to my Dad one time.

Like a lot of people at that time, 60 years ago, we did not have indoor plumbing at home. Heck, even the school used the outdoor facility. Our "reading room" was of course in the backyard and there was a pretty well beaten path to it, so that even in the dark it was easy to find. One Halloween the local "big boys" picked up the ahem, crapper, and moved it straight back a few feet on a line the path was on from the house. Dad used to like his drink, and sure enough late that night, with a bellyfull, he stumbled out to use it and plop, right into the hole. Us kids (5) heard a bunch of noise, went downstairs, and there was Dad, roaring like a bull and covered from head to toe. Mom told us later he even had it in his mouth. You bet we hid! Of course with no indoor plumbing we did'nt have a shower, so by the time he got cleaned up the house was quite "aromatic".

I'll be back later today with a picture of one of the scary things that might be lurking out there tonight. Have a decent work-week, and keep an eye on the little ones tonight. While our "fun" was more mischief than anything, it's not the same anymore. Inspect their treats well because we've all heard the horror stories of the things that are found each year.

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