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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Morning folks. I want to start today off by thanking you for your encouraging me in my continuing struggle with my little health thingy. Although I've been warned that I probably would'nt survive the surgery there are times, such as these, that I'm almost ready to take my chances. I know you mean well Margaret but, yes, the pain-killer, percocet, is addictive. In fact when my JERK doctor gave me the last prescription he flicked it on the counter, said "here's your narcotics" and walked out of the room. I really should have kicked his ass for talking to me like that and suffered whatever consequences. The reason he walked away quickly is that I had warned him once before about his attitude. Ever since my family doctor retired it's been hell trying to find a good replacement. Peter, I know you mean well also but I am truly not trying to be a martyr, just doing the best I can. Enough about me!

Booper's surgery has been moved to 1:30 pm today, and get this, she was told to show up 90 minutes before that time. No more being admitted the day before, getting prepped, etc. Now, for major surgery such as she's going to go through, you get a booklet to read. Between us her and I worked for 70 years, and paid through taxes and medical premiums to maintain a world-class health care system, and it's come down to this. No wonder us older dudes get a little cranky at times. With things like this, compared to me an ol' grizzly with a sore twat gets a LITTLE cranky.

I also want to thank you guys for stopping by and commenting. I'm getting behind on returning the favor, but I'll get through this stuff, get my poop together, and be my usual sparkling self. (OH PLEASE!). Kidding aside, we all have these little bumps in the road, and it helps me just being able to natter (whine?) about it. Thanks for listening. Wish her well today, please.

WOTD......Yesterday..Agravic...Having no gravity (got 'er Karen!)

QOTD...You have the opportunity to learn the sex of your baby.

Back later today.

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