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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Morning folks. Finally some good news here, there's certainly been enough of the downer stuff lately. Booper had her surgery yesterday and all went well. Her niece called just after talking to the surgeon and told me that he said there were no complications, and she would sleep through the night. Whew! Now we just have to wait until the biopsies from the lymph nodes are done and the results are known. There are times when I get a little pessimistic about things, but in this situation I'm very optimistic. She's a very strong woman, with lots of support, and I feel things will be fine.

I'm often asked why I care so much about someone I've been divorced from for 17 years. Well, the fact is that I can't stand to see a stranger hurting, but the mother of my sons, who I spent many years with, how could you even ask that question? You could'nt hold a big enough gun to the side of my head to make me live with her, but if you ever gave her any trouble you'd need that gun when I came after you, assuming our sons did'nt get to you first. It's called respect, something she has earned in abundance!

My most appreciated tech assistant, Karen, put a Stat Counter on here for me last Saturday, and it warms the cockles o' me heart to see the support you guys are giving me. So much so that I have decided to show my appreciation by awarding a prize. The 1,000,000th visitor will receive a voucher for an evening of fine dining. A gastronomic tour de force, if you will. Dress will be optional, and the only thing that will be asked of you is: Would you like fries with that? Of course if said visitor is also a commenter I will blow the budget and Super Size it!

Son Bob sent me pictures yesterday from the Kootenays, where he is working, of a road coming out of the bush in full winter dress. He said he could see me barreling along there with a big-assed load of logs leaving a cloud of snow behind me. So can I sonny, so can I, but these guys are making the fact that I can't do that anymore a lot easier for me. I've trucked all over North America, but was always happiest when it was just me and the elements. Running the Alaska Highway, hauling logs, 100 miles from shore on a frozen lake, those were the things I enjoyed. New York City, Los Angeles, etc., forget it, don't miss that at all.

Whoa, 5:15, better send this to press, enough nattering.

WOTD.......Agonarch (think Simon Crowell)
Sorry for messing up yesterday by not giving new words.

QOTD...A passenger in your car does not put on his/her seatbelt.

Later dudes, and dudettes. (Oh, act your age!)

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