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Monday, December 05, 2005

Morning folks. Well, let's go truckin', but first a small lesson. A Cab-Over (COE) is simply those trucks you see that don't have a hood, meaning of course that the cab sits over the engine. The cover over the engine, called the dog-house, is well padded and serves as a second bed when two guys are sleeping when the truck is parked. Why I'm telling you this will become obvious in a bit.

During the 70's when I was making a trip a week to Alaska a lot of guys asked if they could come along, but I usually said no, for a number of reasons. However, not always, and one guy that I gladly took was a recently retired Forestry company executive that I had a lot of respect for. A true gentleman. It was a pleasure to share my world with him.

So off we went. Because he was such an interesting man to talk with the miles flew by, and by the time I finally powered out we were 800 miles up the trail. I had brought along an extra pillow and quilt and adjusted both the passenger and driver's seats so that he could stretch fully out across the dog-house. It's actually quite comfortable, in fact I've taken many a power-nap that way. I crawled into the bunk, closed the vinyl curtain so that we both had privacy, and off to la-la land. I had left the truck running for heat, and because I don't sleep worth a poop, it was'nt long before I opened the curtain a bit to check the gauges on the dash. Plus I'm awfully anal(oops) about things like that, and those engines are very expensive.

I guess in the 2 or 3 hours we were parked he had flopped around a bit because the covers were part way off him. What I saw scared me so bad I closed the curtain and thought..oh God! how could this be? What do I do now? Okay, settle down. Take another peek and make sure you were'nt hallucinating. Open the curtain a crack, look out, and sure enough, he's wearing PANTY HOSE! Oh my God, how do I get out of this?

As quickly, and quietly, as I could, I got dressed. Because there is no room to stand up in those trucks you have to dress laying down. Oh great! Of course all the time I'm watching the curtain and thinking that at the slightest movement I'm going out through the sun-roof. The fact that the truck did'nt have one was no matter, I'd have made one! Finally I'm dressed.

I did not plan it this way, but this is getting too long, so how be we pick it up here tomorrow. There was a very innocent reason for his "dress", but there's still a bit more drama. See ya later today with a picture.

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