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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Morning folks. Before I start answering your much appreciated comments from yesterday, I want to share with you what Boop brought me for helping her through the radiation treatments. It goes without saying that I certainly did'nt do it for any "rewards", but something like this shows the type of person she is.

I don't know if crusty ol' dudes like me are supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy, but this did it for me. Imagine, 18 years divorced, and there is still that mutual care and respect. If only people could realize the benefits to be gained from simple little acts of kindness.

If I told you she also gave me a big smacker that would completely ruin my image, so I won't. Oops, I just did. Drat! Now how am I supposed to stand out in the yard kicking rocks while scratching, spitting, and farting. My cover has been blown!

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