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Monday, March 13, 2006

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Morning folks. Don't mind me, I'm just playing around with my new-found skill(?) at posting animated pictures. Other than goofing around with this stuff I have'nt been on the computer much lately but hopefully that will change soon, because I do appreciate all of you.

For now at least I'm making an effort to improve my health by doing lot's of walking, eating more sensibly, etc. Hell, I'm even back to lifting weights and doing aerobics. So far it's working great, losing just over a pound a day. Some will say that's way too fast but I've done this before and things went well. When I was still working my size helped me a lot but now that I'm retired, my weight, 260lbs, is way too much for my age, 67, and height, 5'11''. So 220 here we come. The weight loss will slow up, but should also help me deal with Timmy, because I'm determined to make that trip.

Have a decent week guys, and ladies be warned, Ol' Studley is buffin' up!

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