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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Morning folks. Yesterday I talked about how you have to stay sharp to avoid taking a big hit in the wallet. Today's tale will show some of the dangers out there.

For this trip we'll use the Peterbilt that happens to have a CAT engine, or what I call, my Purple Pussy Powered Peter Puller. (Settle down Trace!)

I had hauled a load of hangin' beef, from Red Deer AB, down to Hyrum UT. *That term comes from the sides hanging by a hook through the tendons from the roof of the trailer*. Got unloaded, steamed the trailer out, and headed for Nogales, Mexico for a load of produce back to Edmonton AB. (The home of my little Babushka!)

Because I had lots of time I was staying off the big road (Interstate) and was using a skinny road (2-lane) to be able to enjoy the scenery.

I was driving along, late at night, in northern Arizona, when I heard over the cowboy radio (CB), "hey southbound, you copy?" I grabbed the mike, told him to go ahead, and listened as he told me about a pick-up that had been following him for quite a while but that he couldn't see any more. Big whup!, the guy probably turned off. He then asked if I came upon it if I would stop and see if they needed help. WHAT?

Then it hit me. I hadn't met any traffic, so who was I talking to? Because the land was flat there the lights at the top of the trailer could be seen from a long way off. I had an idea what was coming, and sure enough, in less than a mile, there was the pick-up with a guy standing beside it.

As I pulled up I let on like I was going to stop, but had the truck in a gear that, with an empty trailer, would allow me to get out of there quickly.

Not only was there a guy standing, but his buddy was crouched down on the far side of the pick-up that I could see from being up high in the truck.

Just as he started to walk towards my side of the road I punched the throttle, buried him in smoke, and hauled ass!

I'm sure it was them I was talking to on the radio, and I'm also sure if I had stopped and got out of the truck the best that might have happened would be losing my truck. The worst would have been being found dead along the road. I'm not being overly dramatic, hijackings happen all the time, sometimes with dire consequences.

From the kind comments yesterday, and at the risk of wearing out my welcome, I'll take you on another trip tomorrow. Hope you're all doing well.

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