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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Morning folks. I'm able to start today off with more good news. Booper called me yesterday morning about 10:30, FROM HOME! How great is that? She will have a nurse come around to change the dressing etc., but if I feel she needs extra help I'll hire a private nurse for her because that seems awfully quick to be released from hospital. She's a tough ol' boot but still, 18 hours after major surgery seems a bit much.

Glad you liked the scenic picture that Bob sent. That one shows the first little snowfall, but as winter sets in he'll send more so you can follow along. Forgot to tell you to click it open, you'll get a better feel of the natural beauty. I had always thought I would end my days in the Yukon but my little health thingy made me put those plans on hold, but this area comes a close second. In some ways it's even better because it does'nt get as bitter cold. Funny thing about people, those in the North would gladly trade places with me here by the ocean, but my heart is up there. Go figure.

I've got another son, Brian, working in northern Alberta at Fort McMurray that will soon be in the 40 below stuff. He's been up there 5 years now so he's used to it, besides he's tougher than a two-dollar steak. The third son, Michael, is still here building houses, but not that long ago he was building in Japan. Yep, the boys do get around, wonder who they take after? Their ages are: Bob 44, Michael 43, Brian 42. Once I learned how to do it, I got real good at it. Poor Booper had one by the hand, one in her arms, and one in her womb, and me on the road all the time (well, not ALL the time).

Sorry for getting all nostalgic there, but it's good to count your blessings once in a while. One of the nice things about getting a little older and having your life's work done, is that you have the time to realize how truly fortunate you are. When I see everything that is going on the world, I give thanks daily. All the more so because of all the new "friends" I'm meeting while driving this "truck" around the blogging community.

My crack investigative team has managed to obtain a copy of the proposed template for a certain someone's new site. Don't want to ruin the launch, reported to be within days, but I swear I can smell the blossoms surrounding the grand ol' home.

WWOTD...Yesterday...Allantoid...Shaped like a sausage.
WOTD.......Yesterday...Agonarch...Judge of a contest.
...................Today...Wen (think downtown LA)

QOTD...You forget to give your boss an important message.

Y'all come back, hear? (Okay Bubba, that's enough!)

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