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Friday, November 11, 2005

Morning folks. Because during my working life Friday was just another day, the letters TGIF never really meant much to me. But this week was different. Being able to say, happily, "Thank God It's Friday", means that I've made through in good shape. Booper is home and doing well, I'm hanging in, and for that I give thanks. I also give thanks to you guys because you really do make a difference with your kind words and wishes.

By sharing a few things in my life I'm finally seeing the wisdom in the words "no man is an island". Because of the life I led I had to be physically tough, and was, but there was no need to be such a hard character that I kept people at arm's length. Once I realized that people did'nt give a damn about how many times I was first truck to the top of the hill, or whose needy ass I just kicked, things started getting easier. I'm still learning this, thanks in no small part to you guys, but it truly is better late than never.

Because I've been far too slack on getting around to visit and say hi to show my appreciation, I'm going back to answering my comments, individually, each morning. My feeling is that if you take the time to stop by and comment, I should show some respect and acknowledge your effort. Besides, it's been so long since I was snarky that I'm afraid of losing my touch. NOT! Actually, I like those of you that answer on the comment itself, so how about someone teaching me how that is done? Now that I am reasonably fit for human consumption you'll be safe in calling me a dumb-ass, but I should warn you that my butt-whuppin' posse is always ready to saddle up and ride.

Now that I've thanked you, bared my soul, and threatened you, I guess I should leave before I really step in it. Have a good week-end, and for those that can make it by it will be the usual here. Saturday Chuckles and Sunday poem.

WWOTD...Yesterday...Antipelargy...Love and care of children for their parents.
WOTD...Yesterday...Wen...Enormously congested city.
...............Today...Rom...(think a Cher song)

QOTD...The candidate you support recently admitted to having an affair.

Back later today. Happy TGIF.

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