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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Howdy folks. I guess with this being Sunday it would be a good time to make a mea culpa of sorts and apologize for dropping off the screen without at least checking in once in a while. Consider it done....sheesh, what a demanding bunch!

Kidding aside, things are going well for me. It's not that I was'nt enjoying blogging but one day I just realized that there had to be more in my life, so I took stock of what I needed to do and am busy doing it.

I felt that the one thing I had to do was take charge of my own health, away from the doctors, pills, etc. I thought back to the many challenges I faced during my life, and how I handled them, so I put my head down, my ass up, and set to work. It's going so well I wonder why I waited so long, but then I guess I had to hit bottom first.

I'm shedding pounds, and inches, and getting stronger by the day. When I started, walking around the block was a chore but I'm up to 7 miles a day now. The same with the weights, I'm almost back to normal with them. Even I'm surprised, but I can do one-handed push-ups again. Not many, but that will change.

The only negative (?) in all this is that in an effort to stay busy I'm getting completely anal with housework. I've waxed the floors so much I'm afraid to walk on them. I now buy Windex, furniture polish etc. by the gallon. I'm almost afraid to use the bathroom because it's just too clean in there. Although I'm extremely heterosexual, with all of the above, I think I'd make somebody a good wife. NOT!

My next appointment with the specialist is on June 6th and I plan to blow his mind with the shape I'm in. Then it will be time to hit the road, and damn I'm looking forward to it. Still not sure how to travel, or where to go, but there's lot's of time for that.

Sorry for not answering your e-mails, but I've just not been on the computer. I've absolutely not forgotten you guys and in fact miss a lot of you, but this is something I have to do. If things go the way I expect I'll have tons of picture and stories to share with you, but first I've got to get back in fighting trim.

This is for all the ladies in the harem. I miss our teasing, but this is just the calm before the storm. Save up your best shots because as Ahnold says...ah'll be bachk!

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