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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Morning folks. Since I don't really have anything of consequence to say I wasn't going to bother posting today. But you-know-who up there got a little pouty, so here I am.

Not sure if any of you guys are having the same problem, but lately Blogger has been giving me fits. More than once I've had a post started and when I try to save it in Draft, I lose it. I finally smartened up a bit, learned how to first put it in Notepad, but even that doesn't always work.

With Blogger being free, I'm fully aware of the old adage, 'you get what you pay for', but I for one wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee if it would help sort this out. I really don't want to change because I'm comfortable here, but I'm thinking of WordPress. I've gone so far as signing up but haven't taken the last step. Any thoughts?

I've looked at Blogger Beta, but since it's from the same service, I'm hesitant. For a putzer like myself it's really no biggie, but I've been reading the same from some high-powered blogs, so hopefully things will get sorted out.

I thought that maybe the problem lie in this desktop, but when I try on the laptop, it's the same. Whoops, there goes the warning at the bottom again. GRRR!!

Other than the above whine, all is well here. As I mentioned earlier, Boop's surgery will be next Friday, and in an effort to take her mind off it, we sent her down to a fancy Casino/Hotel for the weekend. She called last evening and it seems to have worked, she sounded happy. Besides, she needed the practice for the Vegas trip!

Hope the upcoming week is a good one for you, and remember, if things get a little stressful, I can always find a roll of quarters for you. Hey, don't laugh, it works for Boop.

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