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Monday, December 19, 2005

Morning folks. With only six more shopping days until Xmas I'm doing okay. I managed to cross a lot of people off my list this week-end, did'nt get them anything, just crossed them off the list. BA-DUMP! Sure takes the stress of crowded malls etc. out of your life, in fact it works so well that next year I won't even have a list.

Other than that bit of foolishness there is not much to natter about. Things are fine here, getting into the spirit of the season a bit, feeling reasonably well, so it's kind of a "no news is good news" post.

One thing did happen that is a bit too serious to be considered nattering. There was no harm done, thankfully, but I learned a good lesson about not making assumptions. Call me a weeny if you will, but I do care about people. I'm sometimes a slow learner, but I do learn. As I said, no harm, no foul, but I've got to stop reading things that were'nt said.

See ya later today.

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