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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oops, how did that get in here? Oh well, now that Blogger is open I might as well say hey-howdy you-all, or is that y'all?

Things are fine here, still working away at the fitness regimen. The weight is still coming off, albeit quite a bit slower. I've got to really work up a sweat to average 1/2 lb a day. I'm still on track to hit 210 by the time I leave if I can hold up for another month or so.

When a woman changes her mind it's called her "perogative". I'm not sure what it's called when a guy does it but I think I'll exercise mine. The other day I bemoaned the fact that I could'nt trace my route on a map for posting and it's looking like that was a good thing.

I've pretty well decided to cross the border right here and run across the US as far as Houlton, Maine, then cross into New Brunswick at Woodstock. Once there I'm only 1/2 hour from my brother's place and that will be the start of the visiting part of the trip. A few days there, then off to Cape Spear.

The trip back home will be all in Canada, so I can visit my sister in Ontario and do the tour of places I lived as a boy. Then start working my way North to visit my son in Alberta and my bud in Ft. St. John B.C. Weather-wise it's better to get there later, because last year I near froze my heinie off when I was there. That's the great thing about having a "perogative"!

Hope you all, oops, y'all, are doing well. I know I need to be slapped around for not visiting your sites, but be careful, now that I'm getting back in shape I might slap back! Take care guys!

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