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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Morning folks. While waiting for daybreak, I thought it time to check in and let you know that all is still going well here. I'm still on the walking, exercising, and proper eating regimen but have had to cut back a bit on the walking, due to my own stupidity. When I told my son how proud I was of being able to jog a bit he warned me to be careful, but would I listen?....nooooo! Well I'm paying the price now. My poor old knees said that's enough of that pounding so I'm back to walking only, albeit slowly. A couple of weeks should clear up that foolishness.

I took this shot of the magnolia trees off my balcony just now. I've got some of the full trees, but thought this one of the morning dew on the blossoms was pretty enough to post. ( Right click, then Open Link ) Agree?

Hope all is well with you guys. See you all later.

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