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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Morning folks. L'il Bear told me that if I don't check in he's going to run off and leave me. Of course, right after he told me that he went back to sleep so I think I'm safe for a while. I apologize for being awfully spotty with the posts but I'm determined to continue with what I'm doing.

Things are going well, considering I've gone from Krispy Kremes to rice cakes, but seriously I'm really being careful with what I eat or more exactly what I don't eat. It's amazing how the bad eating habits can get out of hand. I realized that with the number of heifers in my "stable" I simply had to shape up or one day I'd find a different mule in my stall. (Oh, give it a rest!)

The exercising is also going well. I'm out at daybreak for the first of my 3, 1 1/2-hour walks. Each day gets a little easier, which is good because, damn, it was hard at first. Between the walks I hit the weights, sit-ups etc. It's working because so far I've taken 24 lbs and 4 inches off. My waist, you pervs, my waist!

Besides the house-cleaning (another thing to give a rest, sheesh!) I'm also throwing out things left and right. I've never thought of myself as a pack-rat but I could'nt believe the stuff I've collected over the years. I called Big Brothers and they were glad to come and pick up 4 boxes of clothing, kitchen ware, etc. I also donated 150 pocket books to the Lions Club for their next sale. Anyone want 129 caps? Each one I've worn and comes with a story.

I've pretty well decided not to buy an RV. I can get a lot of motel rooms for $75,000, plus gas hit $5.04 a gallon here today (110.9/liter) and we've been warned it's going higher. Although my car gets great mileage I might end up with something like this if it does'nt stop.

Hope I have'nt bored you all, but wanted you to know that all is well here. The good Lord willing, and the harness holds, I'm going to stay at this until the first week of June, then it's YEEHAW! time.

Take care of yourselves and remember, just because I'm not on here much, does'nt mean I don't think of you guys.

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