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Friday, April 21, 2006

Morning folks. Well, since I can't chase the ladies around the duck ponds this morning it looks like you'll have to put up with me for a while. Actually my leg is a lot better today, thanks in part to keeping an ice-pack on it yesterday, and just staying off it. I'll go out later for a walk, but this time do it like a human, not a gazelle. I don't know why I have to overdo everything.

It's far too early to get concerned, but I'm watching CNN talk about so-called gas shortages in parts of the US, not to mention the prices. It seems that there is lots of oil and gas but they are having trouble getting it to the stations. YEAH RIGHT! I'm going on my trip regardless, but it's looking like an interesting, and hard, time ahead for people that have to use their cars for work etc. Good luck expecting any help from Preznint Resolvitude, he's too busy decidering.

Speaking of The Missing Link, what a slap-down the President of China gave him by making the White House the second stop on his state visit. While I'm not a big fan of Bill Gates et al, it shows where the real power lies. Of course holding $800 billion of US debt allows one to set the schedule.

Okay, off the soap-box. How have you all been doing? I do get around to visit a few of you, and I see that the usual miscreants are up to their shenanigans. Right on! As I'm sure most of you know better than I, it's good to step back once in a while and get a fresh perspective on this whole blog thingy. Being laid up so long with Timmy it was such a welcome, and therapeutic, diversion but was becoming too consuming. Still in all, it is a wonderful way to meet new "friends", especially the ones I've met here.

Finally, the Inspirational Message of the day:

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