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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Morning folks. Although I said yesterday I'd see you on Saturday with a chuckle or two, because I'm going to take a break this morning from the @#$% power-walking, I wanted to ask you your opinion on something.

I've set up this site to keep a running log of my trip, complete with pictures. I'm just now learning my way around it and would appreciate your thoughts. I've yet to buy a laptop, so any recommendations in that regard would be welcome. Wireless?

I've made the first post on that site, so how about checking it out and leave a comment, good, bad, or otherwise. Thanks in advance!

Finally, this Public Service Announcement:

Update..8:30 am. Should have stayed with taking a break today. I just finished dragging my right leg home, the hamstring is hooped. Dumb***!

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