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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Howdy Folks. It's time again to check in and let you know that all is still going well on the "get healthy" regimen. The pounds are still coming off, albeit a little slower, but I think it's a case of some of my relaxed "muscle" becoming the real type again.

The knees seem to have survived the pounding I gave them jogging, and the only small thing bugging me right now is the ham-string on my right leg. I think it's due to my own stupidity for not doing some stretching exercises before, and after, my walks. I'll get the hang of this stuff yet.

I've finally decided on a destination for my trip. Since I am on the West Coast of North America, I wanted to find the easternmost point. Cape Spear, Newfoundland, is the spot. With the odd little side trip, it is approx. 5000 miles, one-way.

What I am still unsure of, is how to get there. So as to prevent travelling the same road twice I thought about going east through the US and back across Canada. However, with Chimperor Disgustus sabre-rattling at Iran, I'm concerned about another "turrist" incident closing the borders. It's a shame really because although I am Canadian, I spent so many years trucking around the US that I almost feel like it's home. But these are uncertain times and discretion might be the better part of valor.

With the rising price of fuel ($5.22/gal here today) it seems the decision not to buy a motor-home was the right one to make. By the time I leave, first week of June, I'm sure it will be over $6 here and over $3 in the US, plus exchange, for the smaller gallon. Imagine paying that for gas and getting 8 miles to the gallon in an RV. So I'll be going by car and am in the process of planning the trip with Best Western Motels. Should be fun.

Well, that should be enough nattering for now. Hope you are all doing well, and I'll see you Saturday with a chuckle or two. Take care of yourselves.

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