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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Morning folks. Thank you for your encouragement on my efforts to put videos up. I'm going to keep playing with it (quiet Goob!) in the hopes of getting better because they would be a good way to post of interesting things on the trip. Besides, if I get good enough I can see a casting couch in the future. Yeah right!

As a sign that I'm re-entering the human race, I had my first drink of the year last night. There was a time when Captain Morgan and I were quite close, but that was a long time ago. It was never a problem but I just got to the point where I did'nt enjoy it anymore.

At any rate, my son came over last evening and brought a great bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. What a wonderful visit we had while sipping away. It is so special to have a son that age (45) to just sit and talk about old times, life, the grandchildren, etc. I am such a lucky person in so many ways.

Since starting this fitness kick, planning for the trip, etc. you may have noticed I don't mention Timmy anymore. He's still up there and tries to mess with me once in a while, but his days of running my life are over. The ol' butt-kickin' Bob is back, and he knows that I've won this tussle.

Well, I guess it's time to have a quick splash, put on some smell-good , and head down to the beach and troll for chickarinos. Did I just say that? Damn straight!

Have a good 'un folks.

Noon hour

I was just over at the computer store and asked Sparky if I could change the focus/zoom on the camera once I started shooting. He was'nt sure so I guess I'll experiment with that, because I've got to tighten up the production values before submitting to the Cannes Film Festival.

Drat! Just tried it and no go, so on to Plan B. Read the multi-languaged handbook that came with it. Still don't know what's causing the cracking.

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