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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Morning folks. As usual, I'm up at a ridiculous hour because I overdid it again yesterday. Was feeling pretty good so I did an extra walk, pounded the weights, had my bowl of lint for dinner, and in a coma by 7:30 pm. Came to, stumbled to bed, and since I only sleep 5 hours was up at 1 am. Dumbass!

I see by the comments that a certain Georgia Peach has found that home is not on the range after-all, and she's wanting to get back aboard the Love Train. Hmm, I think that train has left the station. (Teasing!)

Today I pick up the new laptop that I bought on Monday, along with all the accessories. The fellow I hired to set it up for me will be here late this afternoon, so hopefully I can make my first post with it tomorrow. Look at me, have gone from a low-tech guy in a high-tech world, to a two computer dude. Nah! I'm still the former.

Well, it's too early to go chasing girls on the beach, so I think I'll lay down and see if I can sleep for an hour or so. Take care of yourselves.

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