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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Morning folks. I'm taking a chance posting this because L'il Bear is severely pi**ed at me. On Friday I woke him up and told him that our little Babushka had invited us into her bedroom, and he said "finally!". It takes quite a bit to get him excited but it was tail-wag city around here.

We got cleaned up in record time, stole some flowers from the neighbor's garden, picked up a bottle of Thunderbird, and off we went with visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in our heads.

On the way there he kept asking if I was sure she just was'nt having a little sport with us, enough so that by the time we arrived I was uncertain as to whether I had mis-read the invitation. But no, she greeted us and took us immediately to her boudoir. YES!! It's awfully hard to appear suave and debonair when you're hyper-ventilating, but the l'il guy and I did pretty good.

Once inside she told us to sit down and listen. HUH? Well guess what? and here's the part that got the l'il guy pi**ed, she invited us over to listen to some blankety-blank boids choiping!

It was a tough drive home because he was using my right leg for a chew toy. I'm not sure there is enough Alpo made for me to get back into his good books.

The purpose of this nonsense was just to get you to visit her site to see her new "toy", audioblogging. It's definitely something for me to consider for the trip, since I've pretty well decided to buy a good laptop. I'm just now reading the handbook on my camera and it shows an Audio/Video out terminal so I think it's capable of doing this. I'll take it to a camera shop and find out for sure, also how to do it.

See ya later.

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