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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Morning folks. Well, my homelessness did'nt last long, I'm snugly nestled in the Comfort Inn in Gander NFLD. Where? Let me explain. Sheesh!

I had to make a corporate yesterday, and I chose the lesser of two evils. I was so fed up with getting chased around the city, literally, to find a room that I pretty well knew what was going to happen. On a hunch I phoned Marine Atlantic, and the decision was made for me. I had'nt made a reservation on Sunday because of the uncertainty about finding a room and was told Thursday's sailing was full, and if I wanted to sail Saturday I had to reserve and pay by credit card now. Bingo! Decision made.

I'm on my way back to Port-aux-Basques, where I'll catch the last ferry tonight and be in Nova Scotia first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully.

It might seem a bummer, but I am fine with it. I reached my destination, took pics and a dorky video, and that's what it was all about. It would have been nice to stay longer, but that's just window dressing. Fact is I was not impressed with St. John's. The ordinary people I met were great, but the people I was dealing with had attitude, and I DON"T do attitude.

As for all the driving, remember, driving is what I'm all about. Give me a good vehicle, an open road, and I've found freedom. To have you guys along makes it even more so. Freedom to share.

I'll talk more later about what the trip meant to me, but for now here's some pictures. This is the start of the 25 minute drive up to Cape Spear.

A small part of the drive up.

Little breezy on top.

The one picture I really wanted to show won't load. It is of the centuries old lighthouse that I climbed up to and took the dorky video from. I'll put it up on another post, along with some others.

By the time I made it up there I had 5648 miles on the car. The trip home will be shorter because I won't be doing the Las Vegas swing, but still that's a lot of miles in 15 days. No wonder L'il Bear is asleep all the time, I've got him worn out.

I stopped at the Albatross Hotel here in Gander, and the boys were wondering how Dudette is doing since she took her act on the road. I did'nt have the heart to tell them that she has become "domesticated". heh heh heh

I did have a few things I was going to do on the way back, but they now seem anti-climactic in a way, so I'm not real sure how I'm going to proceed. Might get stupid and go head-down, ass-up, or I might dawdle. I know I'm getting tired of motels, for a lot of reasons.

Oh, just about forgot. I had some of Mary Brown's chicken for dinner last night. Her leg was okay, but her breast was a thing of beauty. (I think it's time I went home.)

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