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Monday, June 26, 2006

Morning folks. The weather finally lifted a bit yesterday, and even though I only drove a short distance, I ended up working my tight little butt off. (Give me a break!)

A lot of things in life depend on timing, and my timing in arriving here bit the big one. I think I put more miles on the car trying to find a room than I did getting here. Whoulda thunk that in St. John's NL there would be so many conventions.

I figured I'd drive the short distance to St. John's, check in, and then head for Cape Spear and make a dorky video. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men. By the time I finally found a room ($159 + 15% tax) my butt was on the ground, and I was only able to get it for one night.

So today the first order of business is to find a room for 3 days, because the soonest I can get a ferry off this rockpile is Thursday. Then hopefully I can do some sightseeing, and dorkying. Other than that little blip, everything is going well. Enjoying the people, eating like a ***, and even having the odd "cold one".

Went out last night and had a great time. Met some locals that took me in tow, and we proceeded to paint the town red, or as much as I could before I finally cried "Uncle". Damn, these folk can party hearty, or as they call it, "Stompin'.

Now for some really good news, something that should ensure my longevity. Since I'm in an area that is 4 1/2 hours ahead of my time zone, and also since I normally only sleep 4 hours a day, that means I can go to bed today, and wake up yesterday. Think of it, if I do that long enough, Ol' Studley will ride again! heh heh heh. I hope you can tell that bad weather, and #$% rooms, are not dampening my spirit.

Oh, and Lexy, guess what was on the menu where I stayed Saturday night. Hmm, wonder why I stopped there.

I think I've spent more on lobster in the last week or so than I've spent on groceries in the last year. Said with a grin on my face and a purr in my voice. I sure hope I don't break down on the way home and have to eat the canned lobster I bought for Boop. WON"T HAPPEN! Who knows, when I show up with these cans I might get lucky.

This is the first time since I left that I wish I had an RV, because frankly it's getting tiresome, and expensive, having finding a room the major chore of each day. Especially so today, because if I can't find one I'll be sleeping in the car. But when you realize that the sales tax alone, on the motor-home I was going to buy, would have been more than I'll spend on rooms, it makes it a bit more palatable. Not to mention the fuel one of those guzzlers would have used.

Whoa, I just did some cipherin'. 3 more days at this room rate, if I could get it, plus the ferry on Thursday, comes to $908.05. Looks like I'll be picking cans and bottles out of the ditch on the way home to pay for gas. Maybe I could get someone back here to adopt me, hmm, that one chambermaid was kind of cute. heh heh heh

Okay Bucko, that's enough whinin'. Fact is everything's fine. I've got a line on a room down by the harbor, with internet access, that positions me to be able to sightsee without a lot of driving around. Wish me luck, I'll know by 10 am, local time.
Update: 8 am local

Big trouble in River City. NO ROOM! I am officially homeless. Am going to go to Cape Spear regardless, do my thing there, but beyond that I don't know what I'll be doing. I simply can't face driving back to Port-aux-Basques, where I can catch the same ferry I came on, but......? See you when I can.

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