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Monday, June 19, 2006

Morning folks. As the old song says, what a difference a day makes. After my day in Cobourg "with" Carole, and my own re-affirmation at the scales, I felt a new beginning.

I actually slept 7 hours Saturday night, which was unusual for me, but a sign that all the pent-up emotions were gone. Up early, which is usual, got back up on the 401 and hauled you-know-what.

I drove along thinking how blessed I am. Not a great upbringing, 5 years in the Army, when I should have been allowed to be a normal teen-ager, married too young, 3 sons too fast, and yet with those "strikes" against me, look at me now.

Loving family, all doing well, all the friends that I can be a proper friend to, and complete freedom.

Freedom to do anything thing I want, even stupid things like driving 932 miles to Moncton, New Brunswick, where I have just checked in to a motel. And it felt great!

Some will say what the heck kind of vacation is that, well, let me tell you. It was the kind I needed. Chase the demons out and go back to being Trucker Bob. It was/is so important to me to prove to myself that I am truly back.

Fact is I could go for hundreds more, but I proved my point. Out on the road is where I'm, if not happy, content.

This video will show you how I was feeling.

I'm going to do the tourist bit here today, then tomorrow morning I'm off to Prince Edward Island to do some serious damage to the lobster industry. I've been told they're right in season, so pass me a bib, lot's of butter, and stand back, this could get messy!

Got some pictures I'll either put up later as an update, or I'll do it tommorow.
Just got back from a walkabout that, because it is so hot and humid here, was not that enjoyable. Did meet and chat with some typical Maritime people, just good, fun-lovin', folk. Hopefully the weather will improve, because I plan to do lot's of visiting with the people of all four provinces.

The other day Lexy had great sport while teasing about reaching out and "grabbing" me while I was alone in a motel room in Cobourg. It caused me such anguish that I was forced to make a decision. Should I take this exit and visit her

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Or go to the next exit and spend some time with a real friend.

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With her pointing out today that she has her own source of lobster delivery, it looks like I made the right choice. GOTCHYA!

Don't know why that first picture is so big. By the time I get the hang of all this I'll be as old as Hoss. NAH!

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