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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Morning folks. Well, my big "liquor up" and side of beef turned into a cold one and a prime rib sandwich with steak fries taken back to my room, but you guys knew that. I've got to start cutting the miles back, because by the time I check in, shower, and have a bite, I'm too pooped to participate. That will all change when I get to the Maritimes.

Here is the dorky video. I was really just trying it to see if the crackly noise was gone, and it seems to be. The road off in the distance I mention is not clear so I'll put a picture of it below. Forbidding country, no?

Ah poop, I've loaded it twice into Photobucket and the tag is still incomplete. Don't understand because I had it up once to preview and it was fine. What was interesting was that as I pulled over and got out of the car I noticed two unsavory characters in a car with no licence plate, slow down and look at me. As I took the video they turned around and came back to where I was parked. Except this time there was only the driver, until I saw the top of the head of the passenger scrunched down in his seat. As the driver was hollering at me I got back into my car and hauled butt.

By now the passenger was sitting upright and off we went. When I passed the century mark (100mph) they gave up trying to stay with me and I never saw them again.

I'm glad it was me out there and not a young lady, perhaps with children, having car trouble. You really have to be aware at all times. I'll keep messing with that blankety-blank video, but since it's out of the camera, I could be hooped.

Maybe this will work:


Time to shower, pack up, check the car over, and hit the road. Think I'll stay in Des Moines, Iowa, tonight. Sorry about the #$% video.

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