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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Morning folks. Although it was probably over-kill, I replaced the front wheel-bearing hubs on the car yesterday. Also renewed my BCAAPLUS membership, so as far as the car goes I can't think of anything I've missed.

Shopped around for the best travel/health insurance I could find and think I did pretty well. I ended up buying a 2-month policy with TravelUnderwriters that covers whatever emergency, or non-emergency, I might have out there. As with the hubs it was a little spendy, but what price do you put on peace of mind?

Had my eyes checked and everything is fine there. I've had the same prescription since '91 and the doctor does'nt think I'll ever need a new one. YAY! What's great is that because Timmy is up against the optic nerve I was supposed to be blind by now. Of course I was also supposed to be dead by now. 'Nuff said!

It's amazing how much things have changed. All my life I've headed out on trips, many longer than this one, with nary a second thought. Now I'm even driving myself nuts with the fussin' over every little detail. I don't know whether I'm getting smarter, or turning into a big ol' wuss.

I've decided that because they don't have my favorite cologne at the Duty-Free store, instead of buying some kind of foo-foo juice I'll use my ol' standby, GRUNT! Now does'nt that invoke soft, romantic thoughts? heh heh heh Glad I bought that extra health coverage because I think I'm just about certifiable.

Today I'll begin the, ugh, packing. I'm determined to keep it down to one bag, albeit a big one on wheels. Searched high and low yesterday for my binoculars and finally found them, where else, downstairs in my storage locker with my truck tools. Dumbass!

Could'nt get the title centered this morning without the rest of this drivel centering. Two reasons for that, I think. One, I forgot it and tried to put it there after I finished this, Two, I'm too stupid. Well, duh!

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