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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Morning folks. First order of business today is to welcome a new reader/commenter, Raggedy. I went over to her site and was impressed enough to put her on the roll right away. I invite you to visit her, and I think you'll agree with me. Good stuff! If your speakers are turned down a bit, as mine were, don't look around to see who's talking, it's her site.

Took the camera to the store again and they could'nt find anything wrong with it, in fact we went outside, shot a video, and all was fine. He still thought I was causing the crackling noise by the way I held it. So to get around that I bought a tripod. It sounds as though the weather is going to be nice here today, so I'll give it a try. Sure hope it works, because I'm tired of my little Babushka picking on me. SHEESH!

Today Boop has her biopsies done and I'm sitting here with everything crossed, even the "lads", for a positive outcome. If all turns out well I'm planning to leave on The Great Escape next week-end(June 9th).

My destination, or turnaround point is still Cape Spear Nfld, but I'm going to take a more circuitous route to get there. Probably here to Reno, then Vegas, and from there who knows. That head down, ass up, straight across the country way of driving is not a holiday. Besides I did that for years in the truck, now it's time to do the tourist bit. You know, hang a camera around your neck, ask a lot of dumb-ass questions, and in my case being Canadian, say "eh" a lot.

Of course all of that assumes that after cavorting with the show-girls I'll have enough strength left to sit upright. Hey wait a minute, why would I want to be upright with show-girls like this around? NEVER MIND!

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Actually, this is just my way of re-introducing Dudette to her many fans. She will be appearing weekly, very weakly, in the seniors lounge at the Yellowbed Hotel.

Thanks for stopping by, and have yourselves the kind of day you feel you deserve.

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