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Monday, May 22, 2006

Morning folks. To the relief of many, and the possible disappointment of a few, there will be no truckin' story today. Things were just a little sideways around here this week-end, and still are to a degree.

First, although we've been divorced forever (18yrs) I hate to see Betty/Boop go through what she has been with her sister, plus her own situation. So I've been available for whatever help I can offer. My little mind can only compute so much, and Don's stinky boots were off the screen.

Secondly, I'm hoping it's just from pushing myself too hard, but I'm definitely off my feed. My right knee is hooped, again, and I feel like something the cat coughed up.

There was a time when stress did'nt bother me at all, but since Timmy moved upstairs it's a different story. I get to the point of becoming almost disoriented. I've always been a little spinny but this is not fun.

This is where you guys come in. I've mentioned many times how important to me you are, and this is a perfect example. When things get to be a bit much I can escape to this place and chill out by goofing around and know that I'm among friends. Thanks to you I've gone from a hardass to a big ol' weeny, and I love it. I no longer have to be first truck up the hill, now I can stop and take a picture, or a dumba**ed video and be complimented for it. How great is that?

Finally I want you to visit a new reader and commenter. Her "handle" is Smurf and I think you'll agree that she has a very impressive site. It's apparent that she puts a lot of work into it, and I'm happy to add her to my roll. Her site, and her comments here, have convinced me to waive the normal probation period and appoint her a full-fledged member of the Harem.

Well, that should be enough nattering for now. I'm going to take a break from the Ironman nonsense, start eating a bit more, and tend to my "flock". I've often thought of mentioning and/or linking some of you but that is fraught with danger. If I forgot, or omitted someone, it would take away the intended good. At any rate, you know who you are, and I appreciate you. All of you!

As an act of atonement for not having Amerloc on my roll, (she is now) I'll start pecking out that truckin' story I promised. Like Smurf, she also has a site worth visiting. Not a good way to treat a friend, my bad!

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