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Friday, May 26, 2006

Once again there is no "Morning folks" because I am pecking this out on Thursday afternoon. It might be time to lose the folksy greeting anyway. Nah!, it feels right.

Really, all I'm doing is trying to get comfortable with the laptop. So if inane nattering is not your idea of a post this would be a good time to hit the "I'm outa here" button.

I won't pretend that I am anything but a neophtye on computers, but after struggling along with the PC for almost 2 years, mostly untutored, I was at the point that what little I could do was getting easier for me. When, for example, I wanted to put a post up, I was able to do it without too many mistakes because I had certainly made enough of those.

When I bought this thing to take along on the trip I thought, oh boy, here we go again. I'm still a little scared of computers, but this thing is a pleasure to use. I thought the PC was fast, and it is, but this thing acts like it is on steroids, yet for some reason I'm not afraid of it. When I do goof up it's so easy to correct.

As I look over at the monitor, tower, keyboard, etc., it blows my little mind that everything it can do, this thing does, and faster. I'm sitting in the armchair, on battery power, wireless, and using a laser mouse that is so small it gets lost in the palm of my hand. I just took a picture of my hand with just a tiny bit of the mouse showing and was going to put it up, but even I realize how lame that would be. Like the proverbial kid with a new toy.

Because retirement was forced on me, I was ill-prepared for it. Trucking was my work, but it was far more than that, it was my life. I did'nt really have any hobbies because I was happy where I was, on the road. It was tough at first, but I sure have a hobby now, and thanks to you guys, one that I enjoy more all the time.

I'm still a current affairs freak, as witnessed by my blogroll, but the things that are the most enjoyable are the connections I've made through this blog thingy. I was a loner most of my life, and still am to a degree, but even that is changing with this new hobby. Whoulda thunk!

I'll see if I can find a few chuckles for tomorrow (Saturday) and on Sunday L'il bear has a special something for one of my buds on here, so stop by if you can. Enjoy your week-end.

Don't mind me folks, I'm just trying out the latest thing that I learned to do on my own. This is fun! You'll have to grab the volume thingy and slide it up for sound.
While I love my car, if I had one of these I could really haul butt. Oh right, the price of gas...never mind!

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