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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morning folks. One of the things I like to do here is engage in a little, innocent, good-natured teasing. A break from the normal seriousness of life, if you will. When I opened the mail today and saw what my little Babushka sent I realized that I've met my match, if not my master. There are many on here who take the bait, which I appreciate, because I really feel that if we just lighten up a bit and not take ourselves so seriously, we'd all be better off.

Took the camera in to be checked out and was shown how to completely erase images/videos. The fellow thought that the way I had been doing it, deleting, was'nt clearing every scrap off the memory card and could have been the reason for the crackling noise and fuzzy images. He also said that the microphone is so sensitive that if I moved my hand on the camera at all it would pick that sound up. I'll give it a try soon.

Also, thanks to the above mentioned pornographeress I have learned how to size the videos so that they fit the page properly. What's that? You want to know what she sent? Well, I'm not sure of where you live, but we have strict obscenity laws here. But then again, if the price is right.....

Got my blood test results yesterday and they were pretty good, considering. My prolactin count is 5 times normal, which does'nt sound good until you realize it was 200 times normal when the tumor was diagnosed. The other numbers, while not great, are holding at a level that I can live with. I'm debating whether to start taking testosterone shots again but, except for the odd little relapse like I'm having now, I'm feeling fairly kick-ass. In fact, any more so and I'd be dangerous! Maybe I'll just explain to the "lads" that with the trip coming up soon they'll have to work a little harder (oops) because the natural hormone is better than that @#$ synthetic junk.

Wish I had good news to share concerning Boop's sister Marg. Although the surgery was a success, her mental faculties are slipping. They're going to do a CT scan today but won't tell us anything beyond that. So once again I ask for your caring thoughts for her.

Since I was'nt booed off the stage with yesterday's truckin' story I'll take a chance and post another one soon. In the meantime, have yourselves a decent day.

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